SADHBHERS: November Wishlist

Hey to November (and all you guys)! Yes it's already that time of the year when we envisage how broke we will be after all the Christmas shopping that is literally right around the corner, but hey don't forget you just have to treat yourself too - and if I could trust me I would, and here's what's on my wishlist;


So I guess if you guys have been following me for a while the you probably could have predicted some of these. Pompoms are just my faves right now, and I 117% wish that I could pull of one of those cute pompom hats, but they just don't suit me at all, so instead I'm rocking the trend with cute key rings & room decor! 

If you're following me on Twitter (over HERE) then that jacket right there is the one I tweeted about, but at €160, this piece will not be welcomed into my wardrobe this year. The Toms aren't so much a wish, but a need. I think you guys would understand if you could see the state of my pair right now! I guess the rest of my picks are pretty self explanatory, I mean how could you not want these picks! I've popped some clickable pic-links below, just so you guys can shop my faves too;

All my love,

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  1. Nice jacket :)
    Maria V.


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