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Hey Guys & Dolls! Yes, it is that time of the year again, and with Cyber Week/Weekend pretty much nearly in full swing I figured I better share a little Gift Guide For Her just so you guys can pick up some of these during the sales;


Just before we get into the nitty gritty, all you gotta do to find the product online is click the mini photos below;

Okay, so you 100% cannot go wrong with some quality makeup (key word here being quality if you're buying for a real makeup guru). Urban Decay's palettes can never go wrong, but can be a bit pricey so don't forget to check out some of Topshop's mini gift sets if you're on the prowl for something smaller. And of course a LUSH gift set is always a safe bet - but make sure you head into your local LUSH with a pretty good idea of what type of set you want, because they have an absolutely massive selection at the moment

I feel like Christmas is never really complete without a few new pairs of jimjams - and right now Topshop and Penneys/Primark have lots of cute pairs in store! Match a pair up with a cute teddy bear for extra brownie points! Again I feel like books and notebooks are just those kind of presents that you can't go wrong with - just for if you're trying to play it safe

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  1. Very nice tips. It seem too late for the Christmas last year. But I think it will be still helpful for the Christmas gift guide on this year. Thank for your writing :X


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