BALMAIN x H&M: My Favourites

Holla to my Home girls (and guys), today I'm talking the BALMAINxHM  collab, and feeling really sorry for myself because I live a massive two hours away from my nearest H&M and H&M don't offer online shopping to Irish customer - can someone please set up a petition, or do something to sort that out?! But anyway, here's what I would have added to my wardrobe if I wasn't such a disadvantaged fashionista;


1. Sequin Embroidered Dress: €159
2. Top with Braided Embroidery: €119
3. Beaded Velvet Dress: €449
4. Draped Silk Skirt: €79.99
5. Top with Braided Details: €149


6. Beaded Velvet Jacket: €399
7. T-shirt with Velvet Print: €29.99
8. Beaded Velvet Blouse: €349
9. T-shirt with Velvet Print: €29.99

So basically I'm currently accepting donations of any BALMAINxHM collab pieces,

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