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Shirt, Primark /Penneys // Jeans, H&M // Shoes, Toms // Cat Ears, River Island

Hola Chicas! Happy (almost) Halloween, a time when partially creepy looking blog shoots are totally acceptable until you get caught lighting pumpkins down the road by your neighbours and you look like some kind of demon child. Today was a super hectic day for me! I spent my morning in school (yes, school during midterm) doing a bit of extra Irish, while my afternoon was taken up with a bit of debs preparation for tomorrow

So right now I'm really trying to channel some Halloween vibes through my wardrobe - and my River Island cat ears do just that, especially considering that its not like I'll be able to wear them any other time of the year without looking 117% silly! And of course I'm really loving my latest Primark/Penneys Purchase, a cute orange and cream shirt - perfect for Halloween! 

Until next time,

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