Staying Extra Sparkly: The Sadhbhers Guide

Hola Chicas! While those October Blues seem to be kicking in just about now, it's super important to stay positive and extra sparkly, so with a few of these tips plus midterm literally just around the corner, staying extra sparkly should be a breeze for you guys right now! Keep scrolling to take a peek at some of my favourite ways to stay chill this season;

1.  Sprinkle glitter all over your room; like you're a mystical magical fairy because you are, and because sorry mom, but I sparkle on the outside too

2. Chill time; Yes, we all know life is sometimes too hectic to handle, and in the midst of exams or work, or whatever you guys have to do everyday, it can sometimes seem impossible to even think about chill time - but it really is important too, especially when you're trying to stay extra sparkly

3. Exercise; Before I began running (back in January), I definitely didn't understand all the benefits of exercise, so I guess you'll just have to try it out to boost your levels of sparklicity!

4. Eat healthy; Said every mom ever. But I guess it's true - healthy heart, healthy mind

5. Find a hobby; Just pretty much anything that lets you really express yourself in ways that keep anger/stress levels down, and therefore leading to an increase in levels of sparkle

Until next time,

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