October Wishlist

Hey there pretties, welcome back to the blog! Today's post is just a quick lil' October wish-list (featuring everything that I 110% cannot afford to buy, nor will I buy, but hey I wish I could and I guess that's the whole point in making a cute little wishlist!). So if you're looking for some retail therapy, or just something to splash your payday dosh on, then here's what you need;


So to find out all the nitty gritty on prices *double sigh* and any other deets, all you gotta do is click the cute little mini picks below, and they'll like you directly to the product (wow Sadhbh, so tech savvy!). 

But anyway, how adorable is the top left handbag?! Hopefully this piece will fall out of the wishlist category and into the wardrobe, but hey only time - and my bank account balance - will tell! And of course the mini little Krusty-Shake is too cute - Skinny Dip London always have the quirkiest bags! Overpriced makeup just naturally has to feature on every wishlist. At the moment I'm lusting over a new Naked palette, Benefit's High Beam & of course some Too Faced Blushes. An iPad mini could always come in handy, but this ones going to be staying on the wishlist for the moment, along with a pair of Timberlands - the Autumn must haves. 

Stay beautiful,

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