If at first you don't succeed..

Joke, okay - I won't, promise

Hola chicas! Yes, the winners for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 have finally been announced, and unfortunately it looks like this time I haven't managed to get my hands on an award, but thank you so much to all you guys that voted for me - it really warmed my heart to see what an amazing response I've gotten from all of you these past few weeks. And of course congratulations to the deserving "Best Youth Blog" Winner, siobhanb.blogspot.ie and "Best Fashion Blog" Winner, justkassi.com!

But anyway, don't forget you guys can still keep up with all my latest & greatest posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - and just drop a line if you have any requests and I'll see what I can do to help you lot out as soon as possible! And if you need How-To Sparkle tips asap just like me, then take a peek at one of my latest posts right HERE

Until next time,

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