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Hola Chicas, today's post is all things Debs (fitting I guess, with my Debs coming up this October 28, and yes it will 117% be blogged)! So while I've already given you guys a few of my top tips on Less Stress Dress Shopping, today's really focusing on the things that you might not think you'll need, but you probably will, so here's some of the things I'm going to be packing to avoid some mega Debs Disasters 
Feelings towards the Debs or nah?

1. A Pocket Mirror; Because there's gonna be a time when you're 100% going to need to know how fabulous you look, whether it's on the bus, at the venue or before the photographs.

2. Chewing Gum; Bad breath is just always a no

3. Oil Blotting Paper; As the night goes on, you're skin is just bound to get a bit oily - so pick up some oil blotting paper so you can touch up during the night just so that you're not literally glowing in the endless amount of selfies and Snapchat stories

4. Safety Pins; Say no to wardrobe malfunctions

5. Bobby Pins and Hair Ties; Just to keep your hair on fleek all night long, and of course if you're wearing your hair down, then make sure you pop some hair ties in you bag, just so you can tie your hair back at the end of the night to avoid that awkward greasy look

6. Plasters; For disasters. And accidents. And maybe even some of those special blister plasters because your feet are probably going to die three times before the end of the night

7. Flats; This kind of relates to number 6. If you're going to be worried about how you walk in heels and how long you can spend in them without looking like a cripple then make sure you bring a pair!

8. Lip Stick; Because you're either wearing it or your not. That half faded "is she supposed to be wearing lipstick or nah" is just not one of the best looks

9. Someone reliable; Okay so you can't really fit one of these in your bag, but if you're going to a Debs jam-packed with people that you don't even know then make sure you've got someone looking out for you, just in case

10. Deodorant/Perfume; Like a super mini one, or one of those cute little mini perfume samplers just so your bag won't look too plump

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