Autumn/Winter 2015: The Trend Report

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Hola Chicas, today's I've taken some time to write a little Trend Report, just to keep you guys in the know with some of my favourite trends this season;

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1. Flares

Yes, I absolutely ADORE this '70's trend - you might have even seen how I've styled mine up over HERE, they are just so comfortable. And of course if you're a little shorter than average you can style these up with a pair of heels, just to elongate your legs a little

2. Chunky Knits

As always, who doesn't love a cute chunky knit?! These pieces are pretty much wardrobe staples for Autumn/Winter, and they're so versatile too! Better still, if you get your hands on a good quality knit this year, it could last you years to come too! I've written another post all about my faves over HERE, so take a look to find out where you can grab yours ASAP!

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3. Turtlenecks 

Aagghh cutest trend, I absolutely love turtle necks, and they are 110% a MUST-HAVE this season! And of course these ones will definitely pop up again next Autumn/Winter, and probably the one after too - so there's no harm in picking up a good quality one now

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4. Black

Yes, this season black is not dull and dreary, black is poetic. And it goes with everything, I mean how can you NOT pick up a few new pieces - especially considering black does, and always will go with absolutely everything

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5. Longline Blazers

Blazers are the real bae. They can basically change any casual outfit into a real classy & sassy look. So again, this is another one of those pieces you just NEED. Catch up with how I styled one of my faves over HERE

Stay Beautiful,

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