10 Reasons why it's okay not to Spray

Hola Chicas! Today we're talking all things tan, and why it's 110% okay to embrace your natural skin colour, and while I'm definitely no expert on tanning, STILL being a complete tan virgin, I feel like embracing the pale that I am is definitely my forte - so keep scrolling to find out why I've stayed away from tan for so long*

So when although the title may be a little misleading, this post is gonna focus on pretty much any tanning medium (and if you thought that by spray that I meant deodorant then you're completely wrong; TOP TIP: Use deo' to prevent BO)

Celebs that 100% rock the natural look

1. 'Cause pale skin actually suits some people; Yes, believe it or not sometimes tan just isn't the way forward, and if you are tanning make sure it looks natural, because no one's skin colour is actually 50 shades of orange/brown

2. Because Effort; My image if a perfect Friday night is definitely not doing my tan for a Saturday night out, please - ain't nobody got time for that - okay, well some people do, but I don't

3. Uneven tan lines; There is nothing worse than having a few blotchy spots here and there, or even then having "water lines," where the tan stops and the really colour starts. Sometimes you can get it really right, but there's always gonna be times when it just goes really wrong

4. Nan Respect; Yes, your Nan always 100% thinks you're the most beautiful specimen on this entire planet, but to gain your average bonus Nan respect points, embrace your natural colour - don't become one of those "Ah sure would ya look at the state of her" girls, come on, you know better

5. Saving clothes; Often an endangered wardrobe species, don't give yourself more reasons to lose some of your favourite clothes to tan marks, because "I have nothing to wear," needs to kindly remove itself from your vocabulary

6. Rainy Days; Unless your tan in waterproof, on an average day can you really take the risk?

7. It smells; There's no denying it, so unless you love that lingering tan smell, then maybe you should just save it for special occasions, or big nights out

8. The Aftermath; Those orange streaks in the bath (unless your super neat), the fact that you can't exfoliate or shave your legs until your ready to say adios to that Summer Glow. Heart wrenching.

9. If you don't DIY; Then you've just got to face it. You're gonna have to strip down for a spray tan expert, but hey, I guess they've seen it all like a billion times before

10. Going solo; How are you even going to reach your back without a really uncomfortable struggle. Realistically, you need a tanning partner

So, is it fake tan or nah?

*DISCLAIMER: This piece is just a few of my thoughts and opinions, and should not be taken literally

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