10 Reasons why I love Winter

Hola Chicas! Yes, it is Halloween, but most of you guys are probably all dolled up and you guys probably won't get a chance to see this post until tomorrow, November 1, the first day of Winter. Winter is my favourite season, so just take take your mind off the sometimes usual Winter Blues I figured I'd share some of my favourite things about Winter with you guys!


1. Guilt Free Pyjama Time: Raining? Pyjamas. Freezing Cold? Pyjamas. Bad day? Pyjamas. Yes the weather is going to be mank pretty much all the time, but that's okay - extra pyjama time is always a good thing

2. Shamelessly wearing hoodies in Public: Yes, it's Winter, it's cold - who cares if you leave the house wearing your manky 3 year old favourite hoodie. Just go for it

3. Christmas Candles: Who doesn't love the smell of Christmas?

4. Christmas Trees: If you don't get a real Christmas tree at Christmas then I really feel for you, because there literally is nothing better than having a real Christmas Tree at Christmas!

5. Shameless Lie-Ins: Everything that you usually would feel guilty about during Summer is just 100% okay during Winter. So sleep ins are allowed (well at least sometimes anyway).

6. Hot Chocolate: Yes, Hot Chocolate is the number one bae during winter, so unlimited levels of Hot Chocolate are allowed right now, especially on bad days

7. Christmas Jumpers: Some say *cringe*, I'm gonna say hell yeah to Christmas Jumpers this season - they're just so cute!

8. Beanies: Bad hair day? Pop a beanie on and no one has to know about it!

9. Fairy Lights: These just make everything cuter. Pick up a few packs of battery powered fairy lights in Penneys (Primark), just to give your room a little face lift this Winter

10. Christmas: Wait, did I already mention this? Either way can we just give a hell yeah for Christmas - it's the most wonderful time of the year!

See-ya later Autumn,

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