Picnicking: A Rainy Days Guide

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Hola Chicas, welcome back to the blog! Today I'm talking all things picnicking in the Autumn/ Winter/ General Irish Rainy Weather (a follow on from my Summer Picnicking Guide, yes the picnicking obsession continues), and yes, while this may seem like an utterly impossible idea, trust me it's not - and here's what you need just to make sure everything goes to plan;


So basically (if you haven't gathered it already) picnicking is one of my favourite things to do, not that I go on many picnics *sob* but anyway, I feel like it's just something especially cute (and 110% insta-worthy) to do on a day off, whether it's with your friends, your bae, or even your fam, so it's time to gather the essentials for that perfect picnic experience;

1. A Cute Rain Coat; Because obviously you gotta look cute (and you really should try your best to stay dry, hypothermia is not a good look)

2. Picnic Blanket; Yes, you need one of these for every picnic, but this one MUST have a vinyl underside unless you want a soggy bum - I'm pretty sure you can pick these up in Primark/Penneys or Tesco

3. Nearby Shelter; Okay, this is not a must, but it can make life a whole lot easier

4. Umbrellas; These are uber important, especially with this unpredictable Irish weather (and they are 112% essential if you haven't got a number 3)

5. Cute Wellies; Just because the weather's not looking so good doesn't mean that you won't either! Come on, make an effort!

6. A Flask; Preferably filled with hot chocolate

7. Hats, scarves & gloves; Linking with number one, hypothermia really is not a good look

8. Blankets; I feel like a lot of these points are becoming anti-hypothermia related, but really - make sure you stay warm!

9. Chocolate; Especially chocolate buttons. I feel like they should always be picnic essentials

10. Bluetooth Speaker; Play some tunes, just to enhance those picnic vibes

11. Yoghurt

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