LUSH GREEN: The Review

This moisturising, citrus-scented bubble bar will put you in mind of a fresh summer meadow. With bergamot to brighten your mood, coconut oil (which is what sticks the two halves together) and shea butter to make your skin feel like velvet. Our bathtime macaroon-shaped treats aren’t quite as bubbly as our other bars, but do contain extra-softening ingredients that create silky-soft water, leaving your skin hydrated.

Aloha people of the internet! Yet another LUSH Cosmetics review is hitting the blog! Today I'm getting into the nitty gritty of LUSH's "Green Bubbleroon," so keeping scrolling for a peek at what I really think about this bathtime bubbleroon!

Okay so this time I'm gonna mark this one on the three most important bath time aspects; scent, colour and bubblability

Scent: I can wholeheartedly tell you that this one smells like Summer. Not the way Summer actually smells, but how we'd like Summer to smell, and while I love Summer I must admit it does hit me up with some Summer Blues. But all that aside, the smell wasn't as strong as some other LUSH products that I've reviewed, and I like that. Subtle and relaxing, so I'm gonna give this one a 4/5

Colour: Well yes, this is very green. But in the bath it's not like an "OH MY GOD EW" kind of green but more like an "omg so cute" kind of green, and that's the kind of green you need in your life. But just when you think this can't get any better, you've got sparkles kind of everywhere, just to add to those "I'm a princess" vibes, holla to the full marks, 5/5 for colour!

Bubblability: Okay, so I know it's stated that this one isn't as bubbly as your average bubble bar, but come on LUSH, you really need to work on this! Any bubbles that had been made had nearly disappeared after about twenty minutes, and that really disappointed me, so this is gonna be a 2/5


Okay, I may seem stingy with the 3.9, but if you asked me if I'd buy it again I'd probably say maybe, and if a maybe isn't a yes, then that's gonna be a 3.9 from me

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