Instagram Diary #3

Hola Chicas, welcome back to the blog! If you're following me on any of my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), then you've already heard the good news, but if you haven't then guess what?! I've been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland under not one, but TWO categories! "Best Fashion Blog" and "Best Youth Blog." It's really amazing to see all my hard work start to pay off! Public voting begins on the 7th, so I'll drop a line to let you know how it works as soon as possible, but for now I'm just gonna give you guys a little insight into my Instagram feed; 

So I guess it's kind of fitting to post this on a Throwback Thursday! Right now those back to school blues are really starting to hit in, but hey, at least there's only one more year 'til freedom (or as my aunt says "9 months, but really 7 months if you're not counting holidays"). So my main focus right now is setting out a study plan, and I'll give you guys some tips on how to make yours once I actually find a manageable way to comfortably fit study, blogging and leisure all in one day!

Stay fabulous,


  1. Lovely post and some great photos! I always enjoy these style of posts, they're really interesting and just a lot of fun to read. Hope you're having a lovely day!!

    Nabeela x


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