Halloween: The How-To Guide

Hola chicas, welcome back to the blog - today I'm talking all things Halloween, because yes, believe it or not Halloween is just around the corner. This guide is general how-to & tips on how to make sure this Halloween is your best one yet, but keep an eye out for some costume inspiration, tips and tricks in the coming weeks! But in the meantime, don't forget you can still vote for me for the Blog Awards Ireland! I've been shortlisted for two categories, so you can vote once under each! You can vote Sadhbhers for "Best Youth Blog" over HERE, and for "Best Fashion Blog" all the way over HERE, so please please please make sure you do if you get a chance!

image courtesy of finaest.com

Anyway, back to the post - here's some of my Halloween top-tips for pretty much any situation you may find yourself in this 31 October. I've sectioned this one out for you guys, just to get straight to the point!


- Stay with your friends; I'm not trying to sound like your mom, but it's going to be a busy night so stay safe!

- Watch your drink; Relating to the above, stay safe folks!

- Dress to impress; But this 100% does not relate to impressing anyone else but you. Seriously, I know some people are guilty of under-dressing, but come on - stay classy, stay sassy & remember that you do not need to show off your body to create a strong Halloween look

NIGHT IN with friends

- Stream some scary movies: And of course have a comedy lined up for after all these ones, just so that you don't go to bed feeling like you're about to be attacked by several demons and/or Halloween Ghouls

- Grab your fave sweets & treats: I am 110% talking overdoing it on this one. Go on, unleash your inner child (aka your true self) and eat your weekly calorie intake in one day

- Be prepared for "Trick or Treaters": I'm not just talking sweets, I'm talking extreme plotting out how you can scare all these guys, but do make sure any tricks are age appropriate, because you do not want to be the cause of Halloween Nightmares

NIGHT IN alone

- Lock all your doors, windows and hide under your bed

Legit how perfect would this room be? Courtesy of diybedrooms.tumblr.com

Well that's it from me folks! Let me know if you've got any tips or tricks that you think I should add to this post, but for now - stay fabulous,

DISCLAIMER: This post is just some of my tips & tricks with a little bit of fun involved too - so don't worry, you 110% do not need to follow these guidelines

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