Hola Chicas! I'm back with yet another #OOTD (outfit of the day), embracing that long awaited Sweater Weather (not that it looks in anyway cold in the pictures), but anyway, just before we get straight into the nitty gritty, I just thought I'd remind you guys that you can still vote for me in the Blog Awards Ireland, under two categories (so that's gonna be two separate votes). You can vote Sadhbhers for "Best Youth Blog" right HERE and for "Best Fashion Blog" all the way over HERE!

Okay so back to the whole sweater weather vibes. Yes, the one day all week that the sun actually shines would be the day that I choose to style up my latest H&M knit, but anyway that's besides the point, because it's 110% Autumn

Jumper, H&M // Skirt, H&M (oldie) // Heels, Primark

Okay, so if you've been following my blog for the past while, you may have noticed that these heels are definitely over-worn, but they're probably my favourites at the moment - and better still you can still pick these up in Primark/Penneys in lots of different colours too! And of course the H&M knit is a recent purchase, so make sure you pick up yours while there still around, or get your hands on one of my favourites for Sweater Weather over HERE

Stay fabulous,

PS Don't forget to vote

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