Blocking out the Haters: The How-To Guide

Hello people of the internet! Today's post is just a little bit different to my usual lifestyle & fashion pieces, but as requested bu some of you guys, here's my top tips* that I've picked up along my blogging journey so far;

1. Stay Strong; Ah yes, the golden rule. People make this seem much easier than it is - but you have to believe you can. You are here for a purpose, and you were given this life because YOU yes you, are 110% strong enough to live it, so just *brush away the haters*, how you are treated does not define who you are.

2. Buy a pair of swanky-ass sunglasses; So you can give them evil's and they won't even notice

3. Stay true to who you are; Can we please queue some Jessie J? Don't let the people that put you down define your ambitions, values and goals.

4. Block away the Haters; Metaphorically and literally. Don't allow anyone to surround you with negativity. You are not obliged to respond to negative thoughts and comments, and while it may be tempting just don't do it.  

5. Never stoop to their level; Come on, if you follow the blog then you'll know that classy & sassy is always a must (with emphasis on the sassy). Indirect tweets, Facebook comments and even Instagram posts are a no go, and if someone's sending you any of these vibes then refer back to number 4 and block them on social media accounts when required

6. Find an outlet; Exercise is usually always a good idea, just to clear your head

7. Retail Therapy; Okay, maybe that ones just a personal thing

8. Time heals; Pretty self-explanatory. If you've got some full time hate going on, just remember that the bad days don't last forever - it might take time, but it will get better

9. Smile; Keep your head up, keep your heart strong - and even if you really don't want to, just stay positive, stay smiling and remember, your eye makeup is too good waste on any small-minded haters

10. Get support; There is so many resources out there if you guys are looking for some extra support, but otherwise don't forget its 117% okay to turn to someone you love for help, advice and even a few hugs

Until next time,

*DISCLAIMER: All opinions voiced are my own, and are written light heartedly and should not be taken literally

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