The Sadhbher's School Survival Guide

Yes, it's possibly the worst time of the year (as you can tell from my above failed attempt to smile). Back to school. The three words that make your skin crawl at the end of every Summer, but luckily this time I've got your back in the very first ever "Sadhbh's Declassified School Survival Guide" (and if you're a 90's kid you've probably guessed that Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has had quite an impact on my life. Wait, is that even a good thing?)

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TIP 1: Get your locker during the first week, just to make sure you've got the best chances at getting a good one, or getting any at all. Oh too many years have I been stuck with a floor locker, and it's just not even worth it

TIP 2: Do your homework. Must I really explain this? Really, it saves all the hassle of morto moments with your teacher standing over you like 'where's your homework,' and I mean some people can deal with that, but personally I can't 

TIP 3: Just a heads up, on Wednesdays we wear pink

TIP 4: Don't worry about a flawless face everyday. You're going to see a lot of these people way too much to care about these things. Embrace those YOLO vibes and your 'I woke up like this' face

TIP 5: Exercise. Obviously not during school unless you're at PE class, but after school just do something active so you don't go insane. Trust me it works.

TIP 6: Do NOT expose spare bobby pins, hair bobbins or bubble gum unless you're 100% open to sharing these, because you're not going to get any of these back (not that you'd really want the bubble gum back)

TIP 7: This is not so much a tip, but more so a fact of life; a biro shared is a biro lost.

TIP 8: Keep a coin purse in your bag for those just in case moments, and if you're a girl always keep a period pack too, again for those just in case moments

TIP 9: Keep your bag rubbish free. Take this from me, the demon of mouldy bag sandwiches and unfortunately sometimes mouldy locker sandwiches. Just bin what you don't need.

TIP 10: Keep smiling. It's not as bad as you think it is, and even if it is just know that you're there for a reason, and by being there you're creating a future as far away from there as possible. Keep your head up, keep your heart strong and know that it will get easier.

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