LUSH, The Comforter: A Review

I feel like every post seems to start with "so if you're following me on Instagram," but really - if you're following me on Instagram you'll know that just last week I popped up to Dublin just to see all my Gaeltacht buds, and while I was there we just happened to stumble across a LUSH store, and I really couldn't resist picking up one of these - "The Comforter" - LUSH's most popular bubble bar, and here's what I thought;

So to make your LUSH bubble bath all you gotta do is crumble the bubble bar under the tap whilst you fill your bath. Although the price might be a bit steep, you can use this bar more than once, depending on your preferred level of bubbliness, but unfortunately I'm one of those kind of people that just loves a bubble bath with extra bubble - was that a good idea? No, probably not, but really it definitely was worth it. LUSH bubbles are something special - they're long lasting and make a cute little popping noise, if you dare pop them and of course most importantly they make a great bubble bath beard, which is always a plus

But anyway, this one smelt kind of fruity, like the kind of fruity you love but the kind that would knock your mother dead while she questions whether it's even good for your skin - which yes mom, it is, all the ingredients are natural and it's even homemade! The water in this bath turned pink, which I wasn't quite sure did I like, but hey whatever covers up your lady parts is all good

Although maybe the scent was a bit too strong for me, I definitely see why this is one of LUSH's most popular bubble bars - even though it still doesn't quite beat my fave "Unicorn Horn," but hey, it's good to try new things!

Find out more about LUSH's the Comforter over HERE;

Until next time,

UPDATE: I've been poking at other reviews of the Comforter and most people break this into 5-6 bubble bars, so maybe using the whole thing in one go was a bit of a mistake

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