Electic Picnic: The Must-Haves

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Helloo Sunshines! Welcome back to Sadhbhers, for yet another "must-haves" post, featuring all the things you'll need to stay fabulous at Electric Picnic. For those of you that don't know, Electric Picnic is one of Ireland's biggest music and arts festivals, the kind every teen only dreams of going to, with a line-up jam packed with some of the best artists, including Sam Smith, Grace Jones and Florence + the Machine. Tickets sell out nearly before they go on sale, so for those of you that managed to grab some, here's what you need for those perfect Irish festival feels;


1. Wipes; I'm not talking one pack of makeup wipes here, I'm talking wipe your bum wipes too, because do you really trust a portaloo to have an endless supply of toilet paper 24/7? 

2. Cute wellies; Like these ones from Office (I know, they're JuJu Jellies, but get over those JuJu allergies), and they're uber affordable too

3. Hand Sanitizer; Because festivals are always gonna be jam packed with germs

4. Water; Stay hydrated, but keep this bottle safe, just in case anyone tries to spike it

5. A Rain Poncho; You can actually get these super cheap in places like Penneys, and they might even be selling them on the day, but you really should bring a raincoat of some sort because you never really know what the weather's going to be like

6. Suncream; Okay, polar opposite of number 5, but the weather is just so unpredictable. If you're really against the whole bringing Suncream to a festival vibes then just make sure your Moisturiser and Foundation have a high enough SPF

7. Dry Shampoo; You can actually get really cute little mini ones in boots at the moment, so pop in and grab one, just so your hair can stay as fabulous as you

8. Bug Spray; Because ew bugs

9. Deodorant; No one likes a sweaty Betty, so grab something lightweight, like a mini Sure can, or a Dove roll on, and if you feel like you need a quick refresh, pop back up to number 1 and grab a wipe

10. Power Bank; Nothing could be worse than being stranded in a crowd of thousands of young people without your mobile phone when you've lost your squad, so head over to Penneys (Primark), and grab a power bank, I picked up the cute mini one (pictured above) for just €7!

11. Yoghurt; If you're feeling it

Stay fabulous,

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