Camping: The Do's & Don'ts

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Aaah August! The month where we try to really mince the last of Summer! And really what better way to do it than by planning a lil' camping trip! Whether it's in your backyard or at a camping site, camping is always a memory making experience; so here's a few do's and don'ts of camping - just to make sure everything goes to plan!

Pack some snacks; Yes, I guess you could call it a sleepover, so pack some sleepover-worthy snacks. Or if you're just planning an indoors sleepover, check out my sleepover essential post over HERE

Pack cosy, insta-worthy jim-jams; These are essential. Yes it will be cold, but you simply must bear in mind that if you're with your friends you probably will end up on a few Snapchat stories, Instagrams and maybe even some Facebook statuses - so be prepared, and don't say I didn't warn you!

Bring torches; And check that they all have fully functioning battery's! These are a must for all you scaredy cats, especially if you'r too far from home to chicken out

Pack a Guitar; or a ukulele or just something to provide you with a good sing-song and some perfect insta-pics

Try pack a DVD player; Just to get those uber cute feels, try find an old DVD player, or maybe even bring along your laptop just so you guys can watch some movies

Stargazing; Yes, take a moment out of all the madness and switch off your phone just to take a minute or two or maybe even 17 just to watch the stars

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Tell Ghost Stories; Or at least try not to if you're with a group of people that you know really don't like that kind of thing

Be on your phone; Yes, we all know that we simply NEED to take a few photos, but really after that just pop your phone in your bag

Camp in a place with no mobile signal; Just do not make your life seem like a horror story okay?

Overcrowd tents; Okay, this is fine for about an hour or two, but seriously just wait 'til someone farts and you'll understand the struggle

Fart; Yes this connects with the above point. NO flatulence allowed. Okay?

Stay inside; Unless you're attacked by midges, just sit out and appreciate what you've got!

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So until next time, happy camping!

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