Back to School: The Essentials

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Yes, dare I say it's that dreaded time of the year again. So while school definitely does not in any way resemble High School Musical (and nor has Summer resembled High School Musical 2), we still have to do a little bit of shopping, just to make the year ahead that bit easier. So here's all my "Back to School Must Haves";

Back to School: The Essentials

1. A Cute Pencil Case; Preferably Happy Jackson, 'cause they've got those happy vibes we need to keep us going every day. You can find the actual pencil case I use right HERE - it always makes me lol!

2. Tissues; You can find really cute packets of tissues in Accessorize, but you'll catch me with a pack of Kleenex, or Supervalu's own brand or maybe even some toilet roll any other day!

3. Chewing Gum; For the days when you're feeling like a total break-the-rules badass (or just have bad breath) make sure you always keep a pack of Extra in your bag, just in case

4. Lip Balm; This is one of those things that you need to keep in your pencil case and never take out in front of those annoying people that always religiously ask if they can use it. My faves are definitely either Carmex or Vaseline, which you can pick up in Boots or Primark/Penneys - but if you're really a no-sharing type of person grab a chapstick instead!

5. A Power Bank; I picked this exact one up in Primark/Penneys just last Monday, so hopefully a review will go live super soon

6. Hand Sanitizer; If you're an "ew germs" kind of person, this cute little Orla Kiely one could be for you

7. Cute Lunch Box; I have this exact one! This one's Happy Jackson too, and I picked it up at Asos, over HERE

8. Body Spray/Deodorant; 'Cause deo prevents BO and no one wants to be a Sweaty Betty

9. Dry Shampoo; Some days we just won't have time to wash our hair, so pack a mini dry shampoo to refresh those locks throughout the day

10. A Hairbrush, bobby pins & bobbins; Again these are the kind of thing that you try to avoid sharing - especially hairbrushes, just don't let that happen

11. Coin Purse; Because who actually wants to carry an actual purse around school? 

12. Oil blotting paper; For the shiny days

13. Specs; Well, only if you're half blind like moi!

So that's it from me for now,

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