10 MUST-DO's before Summer ends

Why can't Summer be like tumblr-spiration?

Yes, *sob* we're into the last three weeks of Summer (aka freedom) before yet another year of school, so it's that time of the year where we can all take a step back to contemplate all the things we never did this Summer. So before it finally ends, here's some super easy, super fun must-do ideas just to make some final Summer memories before sweater weather really kicks in!

So here's my top last minute must-dos;

1. Picnicking; This is always on my Summer must-do list, just because I really love picnics! If you've been following my blog for a while you've probably already seen my PICNICKING post, if not check it out over HERE for some perfect planning and picnic-spiration

2. Midnight Swim; Yes this sounds dangerous and exhilarating, so basically something I would probably never do.

3. Take some tumblr-worthy pics; Yes, grab your bestie and head out for a totally tumblr shoot, just to spruce up your Instagram a little bit

4. Technology Detox; This could be a challenge, but seriously a day without your phone could do you the world of good - just disconnect for 24 hours

5. Have a BBQ; grab a handful of friends and head off for a beach day with one of Tesco's Barbecue Buckets, or even grab one of those foil barbecue trays and you're set!

6. Have a Bonfire Night; Again, preferably on the beach - this could be cute with some toasted marshmallows too!

7. Study; This does not sound fun, but if you're going into 6th Year then you might want to try this, or at least if you're me you should try finishing your Home Ec Assignments *Holla to Mrs O'Driscoll*

8. Make Icecream; How hard can it really be?

9. Actually PLAN the perfect sleepover; And head over HERE to find out how

10. Go Shopping; Amen.

Okay, so that's my list of cool things I won't get done this Summer, what's yours?


  1. Great list! I'm so sad summer's nearly over! It has flown by x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

    1. Thanks Phoebe! I know, I feel like I just haven't done enough! x


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