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Hey, hey! I'm back with a bit of midweek motivation! With Summer Exams starting in the next week, and of course the Junior and Leaving Cert approaching way too fast, I figured it was time to share a few of my study tips and tricks with you guys, to make sure you all get the results that you want, need and deserve!

Dreams don't work unless you do

Determination will get you through this

Okay there's a few things you just must do before you even begin opening a book, but they're pretty plain and simple and of course will help you with pretty much every other aspect of your life;

1. Eat well: This is an absolute must, no excuses. It's particularly common in teenage culture to skip meals or to pack your day with junk food, so this must end! Your body needs fuel in order for you to function properly, so avoid skipping meals and eat healthy

2. Exercise: I don't think people realise how important this really is. I don't think I even did until I started running in January. Exercise changes everything, and don't just take it from me, check out this article over HERE to get the low down

3. Sleep: Again, a common teenage mistake. We all fall victim to staying up too late and dragging ourselves out of bed in the morning, so get your bum in bed by 10:30pm at the latest so that you're fully energised for the next day.

So those are pretty standard things you should be practicing everyday, despite your exams, but keep scrolling to get all the deets on studying like a pro;

Never, ever give up. You can do more than you think you can.

Be fearful of mediocrity

1. Set Goals: Yes, this is vital. There is absolutely no point in sitting down to study without planning what you actually want to achieve, so write it down or make a log in your phone but either way if you want to study smart you will HAVE to set a goal

2. Clean, Quiet, Well-lit  Study Area: Full Stop.

3. Stay Hydrated: This sounds basic, but for me I have to have something that will keep my hydrated and awake, so I usually drink a pint glass of MiWadi with lots of ice (I know, hardcore, be jel)

4. Talk about it: Yes, sometimes it is a good idea to give your Biology Respiration chapter a counselling session. Make it easier for you to enjoy, and it will be easier to remember. For me, I always learn the most when I talking, so give it a try and mix up your accents to make it easier to remember. A guaranteed win.

5. Treat yourself: Motivation by food always works. Give yourself one square of chocolate for every 30 minutes you spend studying. Trust me, with enough self control this really helps

6. Take a Break: But not too many breaks, never too many breaks. Some days a break turns into an "oh, I'll floss my teeth," which turns into an "ooh facemask" and finally a moment of "I'm gonna write a blog post about study motivation to motivate myself." And that is pretty much the definition of too many breaks..

7. PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Your study books never started out hating you so don't start hating on them! Just take your time, have patience and always quiz yourself when you finish a new chapter.

Anyhooo, I hoped this helped, even just a small bit,
Until next time,

PS This does NOT count as study!
Work hard is silence. Let success make it's own noise


  1. Love this post! These tips are so helpful!

  2. Thank you so much for the amazing tips this will help me in my exams in the weeks coming xx


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