SOSU by Suzanne Jackson: The Review

I must say I was more than delighted when I heard that Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me brought out her own nail polish line. Having followed her for years it's so lovely to see how far she's come, so I was more than excited to pick up these pretties! I must admit I was really skeptical with regards to whether or not these would be good, so I was glad to be so pleasantly surprised!

These polishes were true to colour, although I did use two coats they were really vibrant. The brush size is perfect for someone like me, who simply cannot paint nails very well! And while it may take a while to dry, it definitely has its promised "Salon Gel finish without the UV light"

I picked up the colours "Rock Candy," "Bare My Soul" and "Unicorn Dust." Take a peek below;

"Rock Candy" was definitely my fave. Although it did take two coats, it looks so good on (and I'm usually not a fan of pink nail polish!). I love sparkly nail polishes, so "Unicorn Dust" was a must have for me. This one really impressed me the most, because I rarely come across a sparkly polish that doesn't drown your nails in the midst of trying to make them sparkle. And finally "Bare My Soul" was a really nice shimmery green, really bold but really glamourous with a slight sparkle.

These polishes are €7.99, and well they're pretty much available everywhere at the moment! So make sure you get your hands on some of these while they're still around,

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