Darkness Into Light

Early this morning the people of my community, and communities across Ireland rose up against suicide in a 5K walk/run at 4:15am. As you can imagine, dragging myself out of bed at that hour is usually a struggle, but this time it was worth it, and I really loved being part of this movement against suicide

When I arrived to town with my sister Molly and my friend Jean, I must say I was so impressed to see all the work that went in to creating this empowering event. The roads and walls were lined with these cute candles, and before we left everyone got to carry the light with them (so cute!). But behind all this commotion was three very strong women, who should be proud of all they have done to ensure the whole event ran as according to plan. Between them, they managed to bring communities together so that no one walked alone.

Although the mini candles were cute, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much without my own little light, my sister Molly - even though she can be quite annoying at 4:15 in the morning! Sisters by chance, friends by choice.


  1. Congratulations what a great thing you have done xx

    1. Thanks Millie Kate, this event happens all over Ireland every year!


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