Style Steal: Kylie Jenner

It has been absolutely ages since I did my last "Style Steal" post, as I was flicking through different social media accounts last night I couldn't help but notice how easy it would be to recreate the outfit Kylie Jenner wore last night celebrating the launch of #mycalvins Denim Series for Opening Ceremony and Calvin Klein Jeans at Chateau Marmont. This look was super young and vibrant and although I would never manage to pull this outfit off, I'm sure some of you guys could - so here's some purse friendly pieces to get the Kylizzle look;

The base of this outfit is simple; Kylie teamed a simple black Bandeau to a pair of High-Waisted Knicker Shorts. So you probably pretty much have some of this outfit somewhere in your wardrobe, you just need to fish it out! If not, I found these affordable alternatives at Miss Selfirdge and Topshop, but I'm pretty sure you can find these in most High Street stores, especially during the run up to Summer.

Yes it is true, Kylie's Jacket costs more than practically my entire wardrobe! This Balmain piece is beautiful, but thankully Forever 21 have a similar enough piece for a fraction of the price, so if you're trying to recreate this look you definitely need one of these! 

And to top off your Kylizzle look, accessories are a MUST! Just check out the amount of rings she's wearing! The above gold alternatives will look just as good and of course they won't break the bank either. The shoes I found are really similar to hers too, except without the laces. These ones are a must have to create Kylie's look, she seems to always wear shoes like these! And of course the bad. The one I've chosen is a bit pricey at €60, but if you like to wear a bag I'm sure you'll make good use of it! 

Top tip: Do NOT try the "Kylie Jenner lip challenge"!

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  1. Love this outfit and the steals you have found . Great post .


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