Today was a day for baggy jeans and tees following a hell of a lot of travel! If you've been following me on Facebook (here) or Instagram (here, @sadhbhers), you'll already know about my trip to the Big Apple, NYC, if not you can catch up with it on the blog later in the next few weeks! I was so happy to come home to such good whether, even though I must admit I have spent the majority of the past two days sleeping. Either way I can finally take out the shades, even if it is only temporary!

Outift, H&M // Shoes, Asos

Today's outfit was pretty much all H&M. I love these mom jeans, they're just so comfy. These ones are oldies so I'm not quite sure if you can still find them in store. I love this baggy stripey top too, it's so cute and soo summery! I bought this during my time in New York, so they're still available in store or online over HERE. The shoes again are oldies from an Asos sale last year, so I'm not so sure if you'll find the exact pair


  1. You look so cute! :) I love the red combined with the Mom Jeans.
    Very cool style!

    Stefanie x

  2. I love your hair here Sadhbh!


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