LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Review

Yesterday I popped into Lush for the first time in almost forever to pick up a facemask (which will hopefully feature on the blog sometime soon), and I came across this little tub. Everything from the colour to the smell was screaming my name so I just couldn't resist picking this up. It's my first time ever using a lip scrub, I never really saw the point before but lately my lips are just always dry and chapped, so here's my thoughts on the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub;

On first impressions, the packaging gave the product a real organic-type feel and you could pretty much tell that this scrub was handmade. Under the tub there's a little sticker that even tells you who made the product, when it was made and of course it's use by date. The ingredients are listed pretty openly on the side, which again gave the product an organic feel (castor sugar, organic jojoba oil, methyl ionone, flavour and the colourings 45410 &  45380)

Initially, I absolutely loved the smell so I was really eager to try it out. I thought it was a tad difficult to take out of the tub because it seemed quite dry. I love the colour, although it does make you wonder if that's really any good for your lips! The instructions on the tub are straightforward; Scrub your lips for softness and apply your favourite Lush lip balm or tint. So the whole process took literally under a minute. It definitely left my lips feeling softer but I think it's pretty much essential to apply a lip balm afterwards or your lips will more than likely dry out. 

So overall I'm really impressed with this scrub. It does exactly what it says on the tub! Unfortunately if your one of those people that just can't resist tasting it because it smells so good, then this is not the product for you.

Overall I'm pretty impressed with Lush lately, so drop a line in the comments below and let me know your latest Lush experience,

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