Trending: The Midi Skirt

One of my number one faavourite trends this Season is the Midi Skirt! It's something fresh, something that, as teens we're really not used to! Finally fashion is breaking down the stereotype that short skirts and tight shirts are better, and we're moving into an era where beauty is more important. This Season is taking us back to classy, so here's a few of my top midi skirt looks!

Midi Skirts are definitely a crowd pleaser. Whether your style is romantic or edgy, you can find one that works for you

Here's a few of my fave's on the highstreet right now:


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  1. I really like this new trend, but I honestly find it quite hard to find one that suits me. Being 1.63 and more curvy when it comes to my legs, most midi skirts pull me down and look unflattering.... but I won't give up as I would rather wear a longer skirt and feel comfortable than a short one ��

    1. Hi Tessa!

      I completely understand where your coming from, but don't worry, there is ways around it! Take a look at this post over on Girl With Curves, she really knows how to rock the Midi Look



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