On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

It's been absolutely yonkers since my last "On Wednesdays.." post, but it's back! So this Autumn it's all about encorporating your favourite colour into your wardrobe with warmer hues and tones! I love this look, it's very classy and sassy, so it's definitely a very versatile outfit.

On Wednesdays..

This beautiful dress is a tad expensive, but it's definitley worth it! The material and finish is so fab! I found this one in Warehouse, for €84, click the link HERE to take a peek!                                                      

I themed this one with some very minimal accessories, the dress is so beautiful on it's own, so I really don't want to take from the effect! This bun garland really adds to the outfit, bringing this dress right into the heart of Autumn, €4.99, New Look - find it HERE!
Deep Red (Red) Dark Red Rose Garland Bun Hairband | 306384962 | New Look

Aaand of course I picked an oh-so-preppy bag to co with this look, so it really makes this outfit versatile for almost any occasion! This one is from LYDC, for €46.50, find it HERE! And if you're looking for something similar but a bit more cheap and cheerful, I'm pretty sure I saw a lookalike over in Penneys/Primark recently ssshhhh!!


And finally (maybe even most importantly) the shoes! These ones are on sale for €36.11, Missguided, so hurry while they're still there! Click HERE to link to the page!!

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