Steal His Style: The Oversized Coat

Steal His Style: The Oversized Coat

Possibly one of my number one faavourite trend this season has to be more of the boyfriend looks! I'm loving baggier jeans and these super cool duster coats. Yes, they may be a tad pricey, but here are my top 6 oversized coats for this Winter Season.

The first piece I picked is super different to the rest! I love the floral detail and the short sleeves on this one. I found this piece aaall the way over HERE at Boohoo for only €37.99! What do you think of the Birenstocks in picture too? Very love/hate trend!! 

Number Twoo is definitely an eye-catcher! Everything from the colour to the price tag stands out about this one! This one is a tad expensive at €107 at River Island. Click HERE to take a peek!

Aaand moving on to number 3, this one's definitely my favourite! I love the monochrome trend going on here, but it definitely looks like I'll be saving for a while with this pretty priced at €107, River Island. Click HERE to vieewww!

Next up number foouur is a more affordable monochrome piece aall the way from New Look over HERE, for €31. I must say, it looks nicer on than off!!

Number five is this collarless piece from boohoo! It's very plain and simple, but hey simplicity at its best is always classy! This ones only €54.99 and it comes in a blush colour too, so whatever floats your goat! Click HERE to link to the webpage!!

Last but not least, I found this oh-so-bright pink crepe one over HERE at New Look! This one's about €35, so it's a bit of a bargain, but the material it's made of isn't very heavy so make sure you wrap up well!!

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