Seriously.. School?

Possibly the post you've all been waiting for.. here are my number one favourite back to school bits, from runners to highlighters - and they're all very last minute buys, so I'm pretty sure you could get your hands on them easy enough!!

1. Yay Lunch! I'm uber excited to start making proper school lunches (which of course there will be a proper post about aaall in good time!!) with this pretty lunch box! I picked this up in Asos - it's soo cute!!

2. Nike Airs: Okay, I must admit I've seen prettier, more affordable school shoes - but these are perfect for meee! I'll be the first to admit I do not have good feet and these are just so comfy!!

3. Beeaaniee: If you live yonkers away from school, you'll know how important it is to find a good hat! This one was on sale at Asos and I'm pretty sure it was less than €5! Bargain!!

4. Pencil Case: "Pen orgy. In here tonight. Pencils welcome too." Okay I'll let you all know if I get in trouble for having this one but how could I not!! This one's Asos too.

5.Highlighters: These are so cute and so classy I just had to have them! Yet again another Asos purchase but it was definitely worth it!!

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