I'm actually a Mermaid..

It looks like we're not gonna have much more time left to break out the shorts with this weather! But I thought I'd give it one last shot, at least before school starts again! So yet agaain me and my oh-so-silly sister took to the sea for yet another funny photoshoot! Here's what I wore.. (sshhh we're actually mermaids)

Kimono, New Look // Top, Shop Kollage // Shorts, H&M // Shoes, River Island

Would you belieevve my kimono is actually size 14 because there was none left in my size but I really did have to have it! I usually take a 10, but this seemed to work pretty okay! I'm uber obsessed with kimonos lately aaass you'll probably see in more of my OOTD's! I adore my "I'm actually a mermaid" top from Shop Kollage too! It's such a cute little store I just want everything from there! Aand yet again brogues are back! They're so timeless! I got mine in River Island recently and I must say they were quite a bargain!

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