Beachy Peachy!

Beachy Peachy!

Just the other day when it was oh-so-sunny, I headed off to the beach for a super-awesome-exciting-fun beach day! Aaand even though it was a super-awesome-exciting-fun beach day, I was definitely not prepared - so here's my must have beach guide!!

1. Beach Bag - kind of almost the most important - you can't just carry all your things in your hands!! I chose this clear one for an cool, natural look, you can find it HERE!

                         Showstopper beach tote          Showstopper beach tote

2. Beach Towel - Okay, this is the obvious one!! Whether you're planning on sunbathing or swimming, your beach must have is an uber trendy beach towel. I love this quirky "Son of a Beach" one. Very Punny!! Click HERE for a closer look!

3. Sunnieees! - It's super important to protect your eyes from the sun's UV rays, so I found these Cat Eye sunglasses which are very on trend right now - and they'll look great in your beach bag!! Click HERE to see these up close and personal!!
4. Sun Cream - This one is quite a lot more important than you think - trust me! This one is from Neutrogena, but you can buy suncream anywhere really, just remember to buy water proof if you're going swimming and buy a high SPF cream.

5. Water - Yes, there's loooaadds of water at the beach, but as the Shakespeare himself said, "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." This still applies today so make sure you're organised with this bottle riiight HERE! "I don't sweat I sparkle"
                                                        Sparkle Sweat Water Bottle

6. Lip Balm - It's super important to protect your lips when you're out and about too! High SPF Lip Balm is super easy to find (try your local pharmacy, I dare you!) and it's not too expensive either!

7. Flipper-Floppers! - No one wants to be heading home with sand in their socks, so make sure you find a nice pair of flip-flops! I love Havainas, their super comfy, I found these ones HERE on the official Havainas Store, but you can buy them anywhere - I get mine in Schuh!


8. A Camera - Make sure you catch all your memories on camera, after all there's only one Summer every year and if you live in Ireland your lucky to get a week of sunshine alone! I know they're reeeaally old but I love the retro edge of lomography cameras - they're so cute! I found this one HERE on Asos!
                                        Image 3 of Lomography Diana Mini Camera

9. Earphones - If you plan on heading to the beach on your own, make sure you add a playlist to your day and plug in a funky pair of earphones just like the orange ones above (hint: the cutest ones can be found in Accessorize)

10. Finaaally you'll need your cutesy pair of toggers which you can find in my last post, just click HERE to take a peek! And remember, have fun - that's what Summer is all about!!


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