Daring Dungarees

Daring Dungarees

Beeeelieve it or not but I've gotten a lot of questions about where to find the perfect dungarees lately! Mines only from Penneys, but I love it aaand hopefully you'll be seeing it very soon, but for now here are my favourite pairs on dungarees!

I found this first pair in Topshop. I love long dungarees, they're very versatile so you can wear them all year round! These ones are €58, you can find them right HERE

Seen as it's getting super sunny, these short ones are perfect for aaaall the Summer Sunshine! I love the acid wash effect on the first pair of shorties - really retro! The second one is really neat and tidy, very classy overall! Just click on the pic and you'll head straight over to the website!
                                     Topshop MOTO Bleach Denim Dungarees 

Fiiinally I love the print John Lewis pair, they're so cute and better still they're perfect for this Summer. Find them HERE 
                                                             Buy Sugarhill Boutique Palm Tree Dungarees, Black/Off White Online at johnlewis.com

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