Craaaazy for Daisies

Craaaazy for daisies

Are you craaaazy for daisies this Summer? Yellow is one of my ultimate favourite colours of all time, so here are my perfect picks for those days when you're just absolutely craaazy for daisies!
I love these pieces! The skirt gives the whole look a really classy touch, while the t-shirt and chain really edge it all up! Nothing is cooler than these shoes though!
Skirt €85, House of Fraser;     Crop-Top €15, Delias;     Shoes €68, Kurt Geiger
       Sea daisy skirt               slip on daisy, black/other accessory by vans - women shoes
Following on from that, I chose even more craazy daisy accessories - Take a look below, and eeeven better, if you click on the picture you go straight to the website that I found them on!
Nail Varnish €3.59, Delias;    Daisy Necklace €23, Swell Caroline;    Daisy Chain €20.54, Nasty Gal
          Yellow Daisy Nail PolishYellow & White Daisy Necklace

Aaaand last but most certainly not least, another cute little crazy daisy combo! I love the colour of the shorts, it's so eye-catching and the studs are really edgy!
Shorts €91.06, Runway Dreamz;       T-Shirt €7.50, 2020 AVE,       Head Piece €5.13, Charlotte Russe
     Daisy Bun Graphic Tee Black SmallDaisy Flower Crown Head Wrap

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