Style Steals: Kendall Jenner

Today on "Sadhbhers," I've taken a look a Kendall Jenners amaaazing style. No matter what she wears, Kendall always looks amazing! So here's a few simple pieces to help you steal her style, and better still - it won't break the bank!!

I love how Kendall really keeps her looks young, fresh and classy - even on the Red Carpet!! Take a peek and my top picks!!

1. White Dress, €56 Topshop - I absolutely love this white bodycon dress! Not only are you sticking with the latest and greatest trends, it also gives a really slim sleek look.

2. Denim Shirt, €30 Gap - This one is almost just like Kendalls! Just pait it with a black tee and jeans and your sorted!!

3. Black Heels, €22 Forever 21 - Kendall is always wearing heels, and I've definitely seen her in a lot of black pairs! These are perfect, and hey, every girl needs a pair of perfect black heels!

4. Ripped Jeans, €40 Boohoo - These jeans are the perfect shape & style for this seasons trends!! Rock them out with a white shirt and a black leather jacket just like Kendall!!

5.  Contrast Jumper, €39 House of Fraser - This jumper might not be the exact same colours as Kendall's, but I love the contrasting colours in this one!!

6. Black Playsuit, €16 H&M - I love the sleek, elegant finish to this playsuit! Right now H&M have a great selection of jumpsuits and playsuits, so make sure you have yours!!

7. Sunglasses, €23 Topshop - This style of sunglasses is really popular this season! Kendall always heas her sunnies with her, so make sure you have yours too!

8. Lime Jeans, €30 River Island - These jeans are on sale, so catch them while you can!! I love the colour, it's great for this Spring/Summer '14

9. Navy Converse, €52 Schuh - You can even get a pair of cons identical to Miss Jenners!! What could be better?

10. White Joggers, €12 River Island - I love how Kendall can pull off the casual look so well! She teamed her white joggers with a loose fitted t-shirt and navy cons

Watch out for the next edition of Style Steals!

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