Sales Session #3

Today I'm focusing this Sales session on Oasis! I don't shop there that often myself, but here's my top sales outfit! Today I'm going for a really classy, smart look

My first pick is these peacock trousers! I love the colour, the print and the fitted look - overall very elegant! These ones are only £10, so grab them while they last!

On to this, I'm going to add this crochet shirt. This on is really sleek and simple, but that's all we need for now, next we'll be adding a jumper! This shirt is reduced from £47 to £28!

Now to brighten aaaall this up, I'm going to add this jumper, reduced from £25 to £7! This adds the perfect colour balance to the outfit.

Fiiiinally I'm going to top it all of with these stud earrings, £8, and this bracelet, £15

So overall this outfit, all from Oasis, comes to a grand total of £68!! 

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