Sales Session #1

It's been a veerry long time since my last post, but I'm back! Over the next few days I'll be doing a lickle ickle sales session with aaaall my favourite shops - and that's quite a lot! I'll be starting off with River Island. As much as I love the store, we all have to admit that some prices are quite steep for students, so here's my very own sales combination outfit!!

Today I'm going for an alternative sporty look. This season everyone's looking for the perfect workout outfit (not necessarily for workouts though!!)

First off I'm going to start with this simple oversized grey t-shirt. I really love the oversized look - better still this one is still there in all sizes! It comes in black too, if that's what your into! Personally I love the soft grey touch. This one was reduced from €20 to €8, Bargain!!

I'm going to team this with a simple pair of black, cropped leggings. Not only is this perfect for this outfit, black leggings are a staple for eveery wardrobe! These ones are also only €8!

This might seem boring right now, but the fun doesn't begin until the accessories arrive!! I'm going to brighten this up with a whole lot of neons, starting with this hat. Not only is this cool & cosy, it's also really good for listening to your tunes when you're out running with it's earphone/iPod connector. This one is reduced from €25 to €6!!

Aaaand if it's super-duper cold (basically every Irish day), I'm going to add it this super snuggly cugggly chunky lime scarf, reduced from €26 to €12!

These earrings are perfect with this outfit, only €5

This bracelet is the perfect piece for your sports luxe outfit! - not too plain yet not too bold! I love it! €13

Finaaaally (but not quite finally), you haaave to get your phone to match too!! This iPhone 4/4s case is on sale for only €6 and hey, every girl needs a bit of pink in her life!

Overall, this outfit is all coming together for only €58 - and eveeerything is from River Island

Just in case you don't have any cutsie runners to match - these ones are from River Island too, only €47 - and better still, the still have that hint of lime!!

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