Sadhbh, 21, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger. Cork, Ireland

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Hey there Funky Monkey Friends!

This is my Super-Fab-Kinda-Crazy-Blogtastic Blog!! Here's a few things you should know about me:

1. My name is Sadhbh (95% of the worlds population can not pronounce it)
2. I LOVE Hot Chocolate more than anyone in this whole wide world
3. I am an over-achiever
4. I have the craziest dreams!
5. I love all things spaarkly
6. I am terrible at make-up
7. I over shop
8. I love fashion (hence the new blog)
9. I'm 15 - but only until March
10. I love performing
11. I hate broccoli
12. I have a boyfriend (that he could be mistaken for my bestfriend)
13. I haaaate running
14. I am addicted to chocolate
15. My standards are very high
16. I try too hard to be nice to everyone except myself
17. I make the BEST pancakes (my boyfriend makes the worst)
18. I think Disney Channel is the perfect on a not-so-perfect day
19. Ben & Jerry's makes everything better
20. I want to be a fashion designer

Well that's everything important really. Welcome to my blog!


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