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On Wednesdays we wear Pink..

All new segment! Has anyone seen the movie "Mean Girls?" Well here's my Wednesday movie inspired section, On Wednesdays, we wear Pink! I think 99.999% of all girls in existence love pink, So here's my pretty pinks!

First off I found this beautiful pink & white bandage dress in River Island. The colours are amazing aaand they tie in with this seasons trendables! Better still I love the shape, very formal and fitting! This piece is €67 at River Island

Next up I found this beautiful contrast collar shirt! I love this shade of pink, it gives a really classy look. I really like the sleeves in this one too, the contrast ends are really flattering as well as the beautiful shape. Overall a very classy look. I found this one on Asos in the Lavish Alice section, on sale at €40.53

I love these trousers, the faint acid wash gives them a really edgy look. The rolled up ends are great, overall I'm loving the shape and style. It's a really retro, edgy piece. I found these on River Island, €45

Next up take a look at these heels! I love the skinny look, very flattering. The buckle gives it the perfect edge and finish. These can work with nearly any occasions, but remember - mind your feet too! These are from Asos, €58.99

I love the slouchy shape of this beautiful dress. It really gives a young, fresh look. I really like the sleeves in this one too, they fall perfectly on the arm. I'd love one of these myself! On sale at €17.56, Asos

Fiiinaaally if this is all a bit too girly for you, take a look at these shoes! This is a great way of incorporating the colour pink in to your wardrobe discreetly. I found these ones on Asos, €25.28

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