Brilliantly Branding

One of my favourite trends this season is the brand/logo look. A lot of looks include popular logos or barcodes lately. Here's some of my favourites!

This first one is a very popular logo lately, it's almost everywhere! However, this ones just a tad different than all the rest. This would look great with a wine skater skirt, jeans or leggings. Anything goes with this look really, black and white are very versatile colours. I love this jumper, €38.89 at Asos

This next one is a Coca-Cola t-shirt. I love this colour, overall it gives the t-shirt a more retro look than the modern branding. £23 at Topshop

The next t-shirt I found is a barcode style tee. Do you think it would work on a real barcode scanner? Well you'll just have to get it to find out! €13.89 at Asos

Overall, I found that Asos have the biggest collection, so hurry over and take a look!

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