Brilliant Bags

This season I really want to find the perfect handbag - after all, that's one thing you really need to set the whole outfit off! When you're trying to pick your perfect purse, there's a lot of different things to take in to consideration! If your short, a big handbag could make you look smaller, so remember buying for your size even counts for handbags! Here's a few I've found that are perfect for this seasons trends.

This bag is one of my favourites. I love the pastel colours (which are all on trend this season) and the geometric design. I definitely think that it's something worth having in your wardrobe this Spring! €60 from River Island

Here's another bag I love! This colour is really versatile and can be worn with almost anything! It even comes in different colours too! €100 from Paul's Boutique

Here's another lovely piece I found. I love satchels and this colour is great! It's definitely something I'm going to buy. I really like the detachable shoulder strap, it can change a whole outfit easily! Better still it's much cheaper than the previous, €23.90 Forever 21. If this colour isn't for you, it also comes in red or cream.

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