Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Life has been hectic (and probably always will be hectic!), but the more I grow and change everyday, the more I long to travel and explore. Each day my list of places to visit grows, and I spend too much time with my head in the clouds dreaming of all the places that I want to visit. So today I'm sharing that very list with you guys, along with my list of places to revisit too in a post completely dedicated to an incurable case of wanderlust 

1. Santorini, Greece
2. Berlin, Germany
3. St Petersberg, Russia
4. Venice, Italy
5. Prague, Czech Republic

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. New York, USA
3. London, Great Britain
4. Paris, France
5. Brittany, France

So from beaches to big cities, these are all the places I can't wait to visit, and even revisit during the next chapter of my life,

Until next time,


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