Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Workout Essential

Strong is the new skinny. This century is all about embracing both mental and physical wellbeing, and it seems as though nearly everyone is going to the gym or working out everyday. If you don't live near a gym or can't afford membership, don't worry - there's about seven million different ways to squeeze exercise into your day without all the fancy equipment. I usually choose swimming or running, but there's so many apps on the market right now that can plan your workout down to a tee

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about today. Today I want to discuss the workout essential. The one item of clothing I cannot live without. The sports bra. So many young girls overlook the importance of a good sports bra everyday, but quite frankly working out without a sports bra does so much more damage than most people believe (you can learn all about that right HERE).

Different types of exercise require different types of support. For running, I choose high support, but for sports like yoga and pilates a light support will do just fine. My go-to is the basic Nike sports bra (I'll pop it below in my "Shop the Post" section). If you're not part of the itty-bitty-titty committee like me, then you'll probably need something a little bit more supportive - but I'll leave links to some of those below too

So if you haven't already bought one (or two.. Or seven), then now is most definitely the time. I've even popped links to all my faves below, so you have no excuses!

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Retail Therapy: The "Sadhbhers" Guide

I, Sadhbh Sullivan, wholeheartedly believe that retail therapy is the answer to 90% of the problems that life throws at us. From breakups and heartache to breakouts and bad days, nothing heals the soul like a spot of shopping can - so I think it's important that we all treat ourselves from time to time (or more regularly, but I guess that depends on your financial situation). Nonetheless I've composed my own foolproof guide on how to retail therapy like a pro - so you know exactly what to do (or what to spend your money on) when you're feeling down

Just one of my many "retail therapy" outfit purchases

So now that we all know that "retail therapy" is actually a thing (if you don't believe me, check out this article), it's time for us to set down a few rules on when to make that sneaky purchase, and of course as usual I've popped my current faves down below, just in case you're searching for your next retail therapy pick

1. Breakups 

Yes, I know what you're thinking - icecream heals the soul - however I'm not quite sure if I agree with that one. We all know that icecream has immense healing powers, and sure, maybe directly after a breakup you could use it to cleanse your soul, however it can't piece your broken heart back together and I promise you there is a better way to do that. Along the line of retail therapy, in the event of a breakup, unexpected or otherwise, I recommend splurging on workout gear, and taking some time to focus on you, and your goals, whether they're fitness related or otherwise. And hey, while you're at it post a few gym/workout pics on Instagram, just so your ex knows that your life is moving on, you're moving on and you don't need any boy/girl to make your life feel complete

2. Generic "Bad Days"

Other than playing some Daniel Powter ("Bad Day," to be specific) on Spotify, there's lots of different ways you can overcome a general bad day. Personally, I know exercise is great - but in reality you're not likely to want to do that, so I guess I'd recommend setting a budget, and purchasing that dress/skirt/shirt or whatever it is you're lusting over. If you're super organised and you can envision exactly when and at what hour your bad day will begin, you can make your online retail therapy purchase 3-5 working days in advance, so it arrives just in the nick of time!

3. Lacking Confidence

It's really difficult to know what to do when you're lacking a little bit of confidence. Sometimes self help books are great, and you can learn a lot about life and about you from a book, however if these aren't for you, then how about thinking outside the box a little bit.  Create a fashion moodboard, and purchase something you've always wanted to try but have never had the courage to. Challenge yourself - I dare you, because I'm 90% sure that you'll look beautiful, no matter what you wear *pinky promise*

4. Exam Blues

Whether you're in college or secondary school, we all know that exam stress and school/college life can be a little overwhelming, Remember to treat yourself every now and again and take care of your mind and your body. Reward yourself when you believe you deserve a reward, stay active, keep working and believe in yourself.

5. Big Changes

Life is full of little and big changes, but remember to take care of yourself through them all - especially during the big ones. So if you're worried about starting college or changing schools this Autumn - know that you're not alone on this one, and take your mind off the stress with a lil' retail therapy stress (if the finances are available). Life is tough, so try to make it a little easier for yourself!

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*Disclaimer: This post is based on personal experience and should not be taken to be 100% accurate


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How to Wear Stripes

Ah stripes, the essential part of a timeless wardrobe - a part of our style that dates back years. Although they are a wardrobe staple for many of us, it's pretty clear that they can often act as the devil in disguise - looking either so wrong or so right. So today I'm talking about all my striped favourites and how you can incorporate them into your wardobe

Petite & Plus-Size:
Vertical stripes are great for petite and plus sized women. Think of your clothes as pieces of art - vertical lines will draw the eye up and down, rather than across - elongating the body and concealing problem areas. Kate over on knows exactly how to rock vertical stripes in this maxi dress

Body Conscious
Thin stripes or pin stripes are most suited to those of us who want a more slimming effect. Usually bold, thick lines can draw the eye to all the wrong places - so thinner stripes are perfect for anyone that's a lil' body conscious. 

image courtesy of tumblr

The Crowd Pleaser
AKA the classic Breton stripes - these suit 99.9999% of the worlds population, and are most commonly associated with a nautical look. I even wore them right HERE in one of my favourite OOTD's.

For the Adventurous:
If you really want to try something a lil' different, you should try mixing the directions of stripes and maybe even their colours, just like the Topshop dress I've pictured below. Taylor knows exactly how to mix it up with this variation of stripe width

And of course, these are my all important current faves - with clickable links below! Let me know how you're wearing your stripes this season;


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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bright Eyed Girl

Hola Chicas! This week has just been so hectic - but I guess you've already read about all that in my Life Lately post (which is right HERE, if you're trying to find it!). Nonetheless, this Summer is proving to be the best one I've ever had. Today I popped out with my sister to shoot this uber bright look. The weather might not be so great, but that's really no excuse to avoid Summer brights, so I guess I picked out this outfit with that thought in mind

Blazer, Topshop // Shirts, Topshop // Jeans, H&M // Loafers, Topshop

This Topshop blazer is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. Everyone needs a staple blazer, and this one is my perfect piece - it goes with pretty much every outfit I own! Although I adore the blazer, my necklace is really the piece that pulls this whole look together. Well.. when I say my necklace, I mean my sisters - she was gifted with this absolutely gorgeous piece last year, and I'm not going to lie, when I saw it I fell 100% in love with it

I've always got my eyes peeled for pieces that are a lil' different, so I guess that's why I'm so obsessed with this necklace. My peach Topshop shirt really complimented the colours of the necklace too - so they were the perfect match!

How are you weaving Summer brights into your wardrobe?

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Life Lately

Hola Chicas! Life has been beyond hectic lately, so I figured it would be a pretty good idea to share some of my favourite snaps with you guys, and to fill you guys in on what I'm up to every day! And of course you can catch me on the regular on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@sadhbhers)

1. (Attempting to) up my Snapchat game

If you're following me on Snapchat (@sadhbh4), then I guess you've already noticed that I'm trying to work on my Snapchat skills - and it is difficult. There is nothing more nerve wrecking than talking to your phone and sharing it with the world, trust me! Nonetheless, I figured it was about time I gave it a shot - so make sure you add me and let me know what you think of seeing my face on the regular!

2. Updating my Facebook page

A lot of you guys already follow me on Facebook, and if you don't, then you can catch me right HERE! I figured it was about time I gave my Facebook page a bit of a revamp, so I've changed my profile and cover photo, just to create a more understated look

3. Work

I guess not many of you know that I don't just spend all day blogging and living a 100% insta-worthy life! This Summer I'm working as a swimming teacher and a lifesaving instructor. Even though I can't always (or ever) look glam while I work, I absolutely love my job. I'm in love with the sea, so I guess working by/in the sea every day is a bit of a dream come true for me

4. Taking time to enjoy life 

Whether I'm spending time with my family, friends or my boyfriend - this Summer I've decided to take the time to weave lots of new memories and experiences into my life. Lazy days are a thing of the past, because life is short, so I've decided to spend less time binging on KUWTK and sleeping in, and more time doing the things I love with the people I love

5. Reading

During my final year at school, the Leaving Cert seemed to take over and I lost sight of my personal interests. As a child, I always had my head in a book, so I've decided that it's about time I get my head stuck into a good read. Right now I'm rereading #GIRLBOSS, and it's probably one of the most inspiring books I've ever read, so I'll make sure to write a blog post about it soon and fill you guys in on why this book is perfect for any girl boss

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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Today's #OOTD is brought to you by my lil' old sun burnt self feat. outrageous tan lines (which I'm only hoping didn't show up in these pictures!). How unpredictable is this Irish weather?! Nonetheless, I've been spending every minute of every day by the sea, because I know that I'll be heartbroken when I make it to college and realise that I won't quite feel at home anymore without being surrounded by water

I had been meaning to shoot my latest H&M dress for the past few weeks, but something about it didn't quite suit me, so for this shoot I decided to convert it into a bardot using a nude hair tie (so creative, I know *cue applause*). And of course if you're following me on Twitter (which you should be, catch me right HERE @sadhbhers), you'll know that I recently popped into Primark/Penneys and picked up my favourite pair of flats of all time for only €9! I love white shoes this season - so these were quickly added to my wardrobe

And of course my Primark/Penneys anklets are rarely removed from my ankles lately - I absolutely love them! I also paired this look with an old basic Missguided A-Line skirt (which may be a little too short, but life's too short so I think it's okay to be a little daring sometimes)

Until next time,

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