Saturday, 30 January 2016

Valentines Day - What to Wear

Hola Chicas! Whether you're planning on heading out this Valentine's Day, or you fancy a casual night in (preferably with a tub of Ben & Jerry's, maybe a chick flick.. or seven) or you're planning on heading out, today I've got your outfits covered. I've pulled these pieces from a few different high street stores, and as per usual I've popped a bunch of clickable links for you guys below 


I'm absolutely in love with the Topshop pinafore on the left, so I've styled it with a few neutral tones, just to keep it the focal point of this outfit. The bag is gorgeous too, and it works really well with these River Island boots. I love how the pink hues in this are really toned down, so it's not exactly screaming cheesy Valentine's Day

I was so surprised to find this dress in New Look, because I hardly ever shop there myself - and of course I've style this with some more toned down Valentine's hues, a statement necklace and a basic clutch. What I really love about these pieces is that you can totally rewear them separately, which is always a bonus for me!

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