Saturday, 31 October 2015

10 Reasons why I love Winter

Hola Chicas! Yes, it is Halloween, but most of you guys are probably all dolled up and you guys probably won't get a chance to see this post until tomorrow, November 1, the first day of Winter. Winter is my favourite season, so just take take your mind off the sometimes usual Winter Blues I figured I'd share some of my favourite things about Winter with you guys!


1. Guilt Free Pyjama Time: Raining? Pyjamas. Freezing Cold? Pyjamas. Bad day? Pyjamas. Yes the weather is going to be mank pretty much all the time, but that's okay - extra pyjama time is always a good thing

2. Shamelessly wearing hoodies in Public: Yes, it's Winter, it's cold - who cares if you leave the house wearing your manky 3 year old favourite hoodie. Just go for it

3. Christmas Candles: Who doesn't love the smell of Christmas?

4. Christmas Trees: If you don't get a real Christmas tree at Christmas then I really feel for you, because there literally is nothing better than having a real Christmas Tree at Christmas!

5. Shameless Lie-Ins: Everything that you usually would feel guilty about during Summer is just 100% okay during Winter. So sleep ins are allowed (well at least sometimes anyway).

6. Hot Chocolate: Yes, Hot Chocolate is the number one bae during winter, so unlimited levels of Hot Chocolate are allowed right now, especially on bad days

7. Christmas Jumpers: Some say *cringe*, I'm gonna say hell yeah to Christmas Jumpers this season - they're just so cute!

8. Beanies: Bad hair day? Pop a beanie on and no one has to know about it!

9. Fairy Lights: These just make everything cuter. Pick up a few packs of battery powered fairy lights in Penneys (Primark), just to give your room a little face lift this Winter

10. Christmas: Wait, did I already mention this? Either way can we just give a hell yeah for Christmas - it's the most wonderful time of the year!

See-ya later Autumn,


Thursday, 29 October 2015

She's a Lady: Debs 2015

Hola Chicas! If you've been following my blog then you guys will know that I attended my Debs yesterday! Finally, the long awaited day arrived and I guess excitement wasn't even a strong enough word to describe the run up to the big event. And of course, it was finally time to wear the dress that all you guys have been waiting to see for so long - so here it is, the beloved dress;

I picked up this two-piece in a little boutique down in Tralee, Jasmine Boutique. Just as it was being put up in the store window it caught my eye, and I just knew I had to have it! I picked up the heels on sale in a little shoe shop around the corner. Believe it or not, the black clutch is actually from Dunnes Stores and my earrings are from Newbridge - and these bits are still in store if any of you guys are looking for them! 

And of course, kudos to my uber dapper boyfriend, Eoin, for picking up the perfect corsage to match my dress! Organised through Debs Guru, the night itself was fab - and although there may have been one or two hiccups along the way, the debs committee managed to keep the night running smoothly, and I think its safe to say that I 110% did not envy their job! 

I popped into these uber cute sparkly River Island plimsolls just before the music kicked off, and they really worked well with the dress. I picked these up on Monday, along with the bag - so if you guys are looking for these pieces they should still be in store!

Until next time,


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

This inhuman place makes human monsters

Shirt, Primark /Penneys // Jeans, H&M // Shoes, Toms // Cat Ears, River Island

Hola Chicas! Happy (almost) Halloween, a time when partially creepy looking blog shoots are totally acceptable until you get caught lighting pumpkins down the road by your neighbours and you look like some kind of demon child. Today was a super hectic day for me! I spent my morning in school (yes, school during midterm) doing a bit of extra Irish, while my afternoon was taken up with a bit of debs preparation for tomorrow

So right now I'm really trying to channel some Halloween vibes through my wardrobe - and my River Island cat ears do just that, especially considering that its not like I'll be able to wear them any other time of the year without looking 117% silly! And of course I'm really loving my latest Primark/Penneys Purchase, a cute orange and cream shirt - perfect for Halloween! 

Until next time,


Sunday, 25 October 2015

What to Wear: Fancy Dress

Hola Chicas, today's post is just your daily dose of Halloween costume inspiration. For those of you that are just as disorganised as me, these ones are super easy to pull together, whether you're finding the pieces from the back of your wardrobe or your buying next day delivery; 

I feel like we all just need a friend that's just 117% fabulous at doing makeup - it just makes everything a whole lot easier! And that's pretty much all you need for the first look, along with a pair of DIY ears. The other two are pretty self explanitory - come on, you should have some of these pieces in your wardrobe!

Literally the second costume here is what I want to be for Halloween, but where on earth will I find a red tunic plus the energy to make all these pieces? Either way, if my costume is insta-worthy it will be blogged, promise! Number 1 & 3 are super doable, and would definitely look super cute if you decide to go matching with your bff, so if you guys are looking for the easiest option, these are definitely the ones for you

So if you're lazy like me, then you probably won't even try sourcing a costume until the night before, or even on the actual day - but hey, at least I can say I tried to help!

Until next time,


Thursday, 22 October 2015

If at first you don't succeed..

Joke, okay - I won't, promise

Hola chicas! Yes, the winners for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 have finally been announced, and unfortunately it looks like this time I haven't managed to get my hands on an award, but thank you so much to all you guys that voted for me - it really warmed my heart to see what an amazing response I've gotten from all of you these past few weeks. And of course congratulations to the deserving "Best Youth Blog" Winner, and "Best Fashion Blog" Winner,!

But anyway, don't forget you guys can still keep up with all my latest & greatest posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - and just drop a line if you have any requests and I'll see what I can do to help you lot out as soon as possible! And if you need How-To Sparkle tips asap just like me, then take a peek at one of my latest posts right HERE

Until next time,


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Staying Extra Sparkly: The Sadhbhers Guide

Hola Chicas! While those October Blues seem to be kicking in just about now, it's super important to stay positive and extra sparkly, so with a few of these tips plus midterm literally just around the corner, staying extra sparkly should be a breeze for you guys right now! Keep scrolling to take a peek at some of my favourite ways to stay chill this season;

1.  Sprinkle glitter all over your room; like you're a mystical magical fairy because you are, and because sorry mom, but I sparkle on the outside too

2. Chill time; Yes, we all know life is sometimes too hectic to handle, and in the midst of exams or work, or whatever you guys have to do everyday, it can sometimes seem impossible to even think about chill time - but it really is important too, especially when you're trying to stay extra sparkly

3. Exercise; Before I began running (back in January), I definitely didn't understand all the benefits of exercise, so I guess you'll just have to try it out to boost your levels of sparklicity!

4. Eat healthy; Said every mom ever. But I guess it's true - healthy heart, healthy mind

5. Find a hobby; Just pretty much anything that lets you really express yourself in ways that keep anger/stress levels down, and therefore leading to an increase in levels of sparkle

Until next time,


Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Trend: Turtle Necks

image courtesy of

Hola Chicas! Yes, turtle necks are all in this Autumn/Winter (as per usual), and I must say, considering how cold it's been here these past few days I have a feeling that it won't be long until this trend becomes one of my favourite's, alongside '70's Flares and all the other uber cute trends I spoke about over on my Trend Report. But anyway, back to basics, here's my favourite turtle necks this season;

1. Zara // 2. H&M // 3. New Look // 4. River Island // 5. Topshop

I really love these pieces, and remember that despite the fact that all the images I've shown you guys are of turtle neck knits, who said you can't 110% rock a number 2 or a number 4 short sleeved piece - especially if you're on the prowl for a way to dress this trend for less! Number 1 has to be my favourite - baggy is always good for winter layering, Zara just always gets it right! And of course if you've been following my blog then you will know that number 3 is literally my favourite colour this season, so that one could be 112% cute too!

Stay sassy, stay classy,


Friday, 16 October 2015


Hola Chicas! It has been way to long since my last #OOTD over here on "Sadhbhers," so today I've just taken a bit of time to pull this look together, featuring some of my favourite purchases which are of course still available online and in store

Top & Scarf, United Colours of Benetton // Jeans, Topshop // Shoes, Primark/Penneys // Sunglasses, River Island

How weird is the weather lately? Some days it's hardly even sweater weather and others you 110% need 12 thermal vests and a flask of hot chocolate. So today was pretty much one of those "how do I dress today" days, so I pretty much just decided that a cute tee and a blanket scarf would do the trick! I've also paired this look with my River Island sunnies, because yes, it waas actually sunny when I left home!

Until next time,


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dare to Flare

Hey guys & gals! If you guys have already caught up with my Autumn/Winter Trend Report, then you probably already know that Flares are number one on my list this season, I've even blogged an #OOTD featuring my favourite pair (over HERE if you're looking for it!). So today I've just pulled together a lil' post on how you can style up an uber trendy (and totally affordable) pair of high street flares;

1. River Island // 2. River Island // 3. Topshop // 4. // 5. Topshop

So above I've just picked out a few of my favourite flares right now, from daring #5 to the safe #1, these ones are 119% bang on trend right now! I really love flares, because they're just so comfortable - half your legs are feeling the freedom, I mean what's NOT to love! 

When you're wearing flares it's really important to remember that footwear is key to creating a unique, on trend look. If you're shorter than average, or maybe even average height these could make you look quite short if you style these up with a pair of flats, so it's usually good to wear heels with these to really elongate your legs. But remember, it's not impossible to wear flats with these - I stlye my favourite pair of flares with my over-worn Asos plimsolls over HERE

So whether you're going to double-denim, white out or just go plain jane for your first pair of flares, now is 110% the time to start embracing this uber cute '70's trend,

Stay Fabulous,


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Debs Disaster Kit

image courtesy of 

Hola Chicas, today's post is all things Debs (fitting I guess, with my Debs coming up this October 28, and yes it will 117% be blogged)! So while I've already given you guys a few of my top tips on Less Stress Dress Shopping, today's really focusing on the things that you might not think you'll need, but you probably will, so here's some of the things I'm going to be packing to avoid some mega Debs Disasters 
Feelings towards the Debs or nah?

1. A Pocket Mirror; Because there's gonna be a time when you're 100% going to need to know how fabulous you look, whether it's on the bus, at the venue or before the photographs.

2. Chewing Gum; Bad breath is just always a no

3. Oil Blotting Paper; As the night goes on, you're skin is just bound to get a bit oily - so pick up some oil blotting paper so you can touch up during the night just so that you're not literally glowing in the endless amount of selfies and Snapchat stories

4. Safety Pins; Say no to wardrobe malfunctions

5. Bobby Pins and Hair Ties; Just to keep your hair on fleek all night long, and of course if you're wearing your hair down, then make sure you pop some hair ties in you bag, just so you can tie your hair back at the end of the night to avoid that awkward greasy look

6. Plasters; For disasters. And accidents. And maybe even some of those special blister plasters because your feet are probably going to die three times before the end of the night

7. Flats; This kind of relates to number 6. If you're going to be worried about how you walk in heels and how long you can spend in them without looking like a cripple then make sure you bring a pair!

8. Lip Stick; Because you're either wearing it or your not. That half faded "is she supposed to be wearing lipstick or nah" is just not one of the best looks

9. Someone reliable; Okay so you can't really fit one of these in your bag, but if you're going to a Debs jam-packed with people that you don't even know then make sure you've got someone looking out for you, just in case

10. Deodorant/Perfume; Like a super mini one, or one of those cute little mini perfume samplers just so your bag won't look too plump

Until Next Time,


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn/Winter 2015: The Trend Report

image courtesy of 

Hola Chicas, today's I've taken some time to write a little Trend Report, just to keep you guys in the know with some of my favourite trends this season;

image courtesy of

1. Flares

Yes, I absolutely ADORE this '70's trend - you might have even seen how I've styled mine up over HERE, they are just so comfortable. And of course if you're a little shorter than average you can style these up with a pair of heels, just to elongate your legs a little

2. Chunky Knits

As always, who doesn't love a cute chunky knit?! These pieces are pretty much wardrobe staples for Autumn/Winter, and they're so versatile too! Better still, if you get your hands on a good quality knit this year, it could last you years to come too! I've written another post all about my faves over HERE, so take a look to find out where you can grab yours ASAP!

image courtesy of

3. Turtlenecks 

Aagghh cutest trend, I absolutely love turtle necks, and they are 110% a MUST-HAVE this season! And of course these ones will definitely pop up again next Autumn/Winter, and probably the one after too - so there's no harm in picking up a good quality one now

image courtesy of

4. Black

Yes, this season black is not dull and dreary, black is poetic. And it goes with everything, I mean how can you NOT pick up a few new pieces - especially considering black does, and always will go with absolutely everything

nyfw blazers square
image courtesy of

5. Longline Blazers

Blazers are the real bae. They can basically change any casual outfit into a real classy & sassy look. So again, this is another one of those pieces you just NEED. Catch up with how I styled one of my faves over HERE

Stay Beautiful,

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