Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Instagram Diary #4

What a week it's been over at Sadhbhers HQ (aka my house, I just wanted it to sound cool okay?)! In case you guys haven't already heard, I've reached the finals of The Blog Awards Ireland under not one, but TWO categories - "Best Fashion Blog" & "Best Youth Blog." So before we head on into this post, I just want to say thank you so much to all you guys that voted for me, I couldn't have gotten to this stage without all your love, support & virtual hugs! But anyway, back to the post;

Today I've taken some time to pile together a few of my Instagram pictures (@sadhbhers) - so here's pretty much my life through my iPhone;

Clockwise from top left

1. A New Ukulele?! (plus the realisation that I had been spelling ukulele wrong all my life)

2. Old Song Lyrics; In Irish of course! This one's just a little Hozier "Work Song" cover, that I wrote for my Colaiste Lurgan Gals (find out more HERE)

3. Benefit "They're Real" Eyeliner Mini; Because I wasn't quite ready to part with the money for a full sized one

4. My latest #OOTD (probably my fave too, you can take a peek over HERE)

5. Frogging 'n' Blogging; Need I say any more?

6. Origami Crane; Plus you can grab this cute origami paper over in TIGER

Clockwise from top left

1. "Pinned Up" OOTD; Okay, I take back what I said above, maybe this ones my favourite! Catch all the deets over HERE

2. Mac in a Sac; Because it's just fascinating how all that mac can fit into a little sac!

3. NYC Dreaming; Still lusting over the city that never sleeps..

4. Rings 'n' Things; New Look newbies

5. Soggy shoes on a soggy day; Catch how I recently styled these loafers (minus the soggy feet) HERE

6. Plasters for Disasters; You can catch these pretties in TIGER

*     *     *     *     *

To catch more of my daily shenanigans through my iPhone's camera, head over to Instagram, where you can follow me HERE (@sadhbhers)

All my love,


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Happy Daze

Hola Chicas! Todays OOTD (outfit of the day), is a great transitional look, featuring lots of bargain pieces from Primark/Penneys - their current collection is pretty fab, just saying! Plus how ridiculous do my cheek bones look in the above pic? Anyway, keep scrolling to catch all the deets, on what could possibly be my favourite OOTD yet;

Poncho, Primark/Penneys // Shirt, H&M // Jeans, H&M // Brogues, Primark/Penneys

I absolutely adore this poncho! I picked this piece up on Saturday, during my trip to Cork for an orthodontist appointment (if you're following me on twitter HERE, you've probably seen me complaining about my new retainer *sob* c'est la vie). But anyway, back to the poncho - this colour is on of my Autumn go-to's, so naturally I had to have it

*Hippy Vibes*

I spotted these brogues on Primark's Instagram, so these just had to be mine - I love the slightly platformed sole - uber cute, uber trendy

Stay fabulous,


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blocking out the Haters: The How-To Guide

Hello people of the internet! Today's post is just a little bit different to my usual lifestyle & fashion pieces, but as requested bu some of you guys, here's my top tips* that I've picked up along my blogging journey so far;

1. Stay Strong; Ah yes, the golden rule. People make this seem much easier than it is - but you have to believe you can. You are here for a purpose, and you were given this life because YOU yes you, are 110% strong enough to live it, so just *brush away the haters*, how you are treated does not define who you are.

2. Buy a pair of swanky-ass sunglasses; So you can give them evil's and they won't even notice

3. Stay true to who you are; Can we please queue some Jessie J? Don't let the people that put you down define your ambitions, values and goals.

4. Block away the Haters; Metaphorically and literally. Don't allow anyone to surround you with negativity. You are not obliged to respond to negative thoughts and comments, and while it may be tempting just don't do it.  

5. Never stoop to their level; Come on, if you follow the blog then you'll know that classy & sassy is always a must (with emphasis on the sassy). Indirect tweets, Facebook comments and even Instagram posts are a no go, and if someone's sending you any of these vibes then refer back to number 4 and block them on social media accounts when required

6. Find an outlet; Exercise is usually always a good idea, just to clear your head

7. Retail Therapy; Okay, maybe that ones just a personal thing

8. Time heals; Pretty self-explanatory. If you've got some full time hate going on, just remember that the bad days don't last forever - it might take time, but it will get better

9. Smile; Keep your head up, keep your heart strong - and even if you really don't want to, just stay positive, stay smiling and remember, your eye makeup is too good waste on any small-minded haters

10. Get support; There is so many resources out there if you guys are looking for some extra support, but otherwise don't forget its 117% okay to turn to someone you love for help, advice and even a few hugs

Until next time,

*DISCLAIMER: All opinions voiced are my own, and are written light heartedly and should not be taken literally


Sunday, 20 September 2015

LBD: The Wardrobe Must-Have

Today on Sadhbhers we're talking that one wardrobe essential, the must-have LBD (little black dress). A LBD is probably the most versatile piece you can buy, and believe it or not 97% of the time you choose to rewear your fave, it will go unnoticed (as long as you accessorise it differently, otherwise there's no guarantee). So below I've dropped some links to a few pretty affordable LBD's and of course a link to my last post featuring my personal favourite LBD, so keep scrolling for more!


1. Carnet de Mode // 2. Topshop // 3. River Island // 4. H&M // 5. Topshop

Okay, so I'd like to think I've included something for everyone here, from the more girly number 1 & 3, to the edgy black playsuit (number 2), so these are pretty much my faves at the moment, but I'll keep you guys updated if I find any more pretties!

And of course, if you've seen my Rose of Tralee Fashion Show Review, over HERE - then you've probably already caught up with my fave LBD, but take a peek below or head over to the post for some more deets;

That's all from me,


When it Rains

So I finally got around to popping another #OOTD (outfit of the day) up on the blog, but just before we get into the nitty gritty, it's your last chance to vote for my Sadhbhers for the Blog Awards Ireland! I've been shortlisted under two categories, so that means you can vote once under each. Vote Sadhbhers for "Best Youth Blog" over HERE, and for "Best Fashion Blog" right HERE - please please please if you have a minute, drop a vote!!

But anyway, back to the outfit! If you've been following the blog (just an FYI fact) this is the blazer I was rambling about in my Suit Shopping post, over HERE! And if you're following me on Instagram (@sadhbhers), or my boyfriend Eoin (@eoincoleman7) then you've probably already caught a sneak peek of this look, so keep scrolling for more details;

Blazer, Topshop // Top, Topshop // Jeans, Boohoo // Loafers, Topshop // Bracelets, Live Lokai

I'm absolutely loving the striped tee with this look, and better still you can still grab yours over HERE, and as per usual it won't break the bank, so it's a win win situation really! I've also styled it differently over HERE, with some more casual (but still cute) pieces. The real bae here is these Boohoo jeans though - and you can still catch these ones over HERE, or check out how I've styled them differently over HERE

Until next time,


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Halloween: The How-To Guide

Hola chicas, welcome back to the blog - today I'm talking all things Halloween, because yes, believe it or not Halloween is just around the corner. This guide is general how-to & tips on how to make sure this Halloween is your best one yet, but keep an eye out for some costume inspiration, tips and tricks in the coming weeks! But in the meantime, don't forget you can still vote for me for the Blog Awards Ireland! I've been shortlisted for two categories, so you can vote once under each! You can vote Sadhbhers for "Best Youth Blog" over HERE, and for "Best Fashion Blog" all the way over HERE, so please please please make sure you do if you get a chance!

image courtesy of

Anyway, back to the post - here's some of my Halloween top-tips for pretty much any situation you may find yourself in this 31 October. I've sectioned this one out for you guys, just to get straight to the point!


- Stay with your friends; I'm not trying to sound like your mom, but it's going to be a busy night so stay safe!

- Watch your drink; Relating to the above, stay safe folks!

- Dress to impress; But this 100% does not relate to impressing anyone else but you. Seriously, I know some people are guilty of under-dressing, but come on - stay classy, stay sassy & remember that you do not need to show off your body to create a strong Halloween look

NIGHT IN with friends

- Stream some scary movies: And of course have a comedy lined up for after all these ones, just so that you don't go to bed feeling like you're about to be attacked by several demons and/or Halloween Ghouls

- Grab your fave sweets & treats: I am 110% talking overdoing it on this one. Go on, unleash your inner child (aka your true self) and eat your weekly calorie intake in one day

- Be prepared for "Trick or Treaters": I'm not just talking sweets, I'm talking extreme plotting out how you can scare all these guys, but do make sure any tricks are age appropriate, because you do not want to be the cause of Halloween Nightmares

NIGHT IN alone

- Lock all your doors, windows and hide under your bed

Legit how perfect would this room be? Courtesy of

Well that's it from me folks! Let me know if you've got any tips or tricks that you think I should add to this post, but for now - stay fabulous,

DISCLAIMER: This post is just some of my tips & tricks with a little bit of fun involved too - so don't worry, you 110% do not need to follow these guidelines

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Hola Chicas! I'm back with yet another #OOTD (outfit of the day), embracing that long awaited Sweater Weather (not that it looks in anyway cold in the pictures), but anyway, just before we get straight into the nitty gritty, I just thought I'd remind you guys that you can still vote for me in the Blog Awards Ireland, under two categories (so that's gonna be two separate votes). You can vote Sadhbhers for "Best Youth Blog" right HERE and for "Best Fashion Blog" all the way over HERE!

Okay so back to the whole sweater weather vibes. Yes, the one day all week that the sun actually shines would be the day that I choose to style up my latest H&M knit, but anyway that's besides the point, because it's 110% Autumn

Jumper, H&M // Skirt, H&M (oldie) // Heels, Primark

Okay, so if you've been following my blog for the past while, you may have noticed that these heels are definitely over-worn, but they're probably my favourites at the moment - and better still you can still pick these up in Primark/Penneys in lots of different colours too! And of course the H&M knit is a recent purchase, so make sure you pick up yours while there still around, or get your hands on one of my favourites for Sweater Weather over HERE

Stay fabulous,

PS Don't forget to vote


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Picnicking: A Rainy Days Guide

image courtesy of

Hola Chicas, welcome back to the blog! Today I'm talking all things picnicking in the Autumn/ Winter/ General Irish Rainy Weather (a follow on from my Summer Picnicking Guide, yes the picnicking obsession continues), and yes, while this may seem like an utterly impossible idea, trust me it's not - and here's what you need just to make sure everything goes to plan;


So basically (if you haven't gathered it already) picnicking is one of my favourite things to do, not that I go on many picnics *sob* but anyway, I feel like it's just something especially cute (and 110% insta-worthy) to do on a day off, whether it's with your friends, your bae, or even your fam, so it's time to gather the essentials for that perfect picnic experience;

1. A Cute Rain Coat; Because obviously you gotta look cute (and you really should try your best to stay dry, hypothermia is not a good look)

2. Picnic Blanket; Yes, you need one of these for every picnic, but this one MUST have a vinyl underside unless you want a soggy bum - I'm pretty sure you can pick these up in Primark/Penneys or Tesco

3. Nearby Shelter; Okay, this is not a must, but it can make life a whole lot easier

4. Umbrellas; These are uber important, especially with this unpredictable Irish weather (and they are 112% essential if you haven't got a number 3)

5. Cute Wellies; Just because the weather's not looking so good doesn't mean that you won't either! Come on, make an effort!

6. A Flask; Preferably filled with hot chocolate

7. Hats, scarves & gloves; Linking with number one, hypothermia really is not a good look

8. Blankets; I feel like a lot of these points are becoming anti-hypothermia related, but really - make sure you stay warm!

9. Chocolate; Especially chocolate buttons. I feel like they should always be picnic essentials

10. Bluetooth Speaker; Play some tunes, just to enhance those picnic vibes

11. Yoghurt

image courtesy of

Until next time,


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Sweater Weather

Yes, it's finally that time of the year again, and while there may be 117 reasons to really hate on Autumn, there really is one worth celebrating - it's Sweater Weather! Yes, we can shamelessly wear all out favourite knits, and of course continue the search for a newbies to add to the wardrobe, so take a peek below to check out some of my plain and simple must-haves for Sweater Weather 2015;


3. H&M
5. Amazon

Okay so 6-8 are real splurges, but do not worry because Topshop is the real sweater bae this season, they literally have something for everyone right now! I love how their such good quality too, so follow the links above to find out how you can get your hands on one! And while these may be expensive too, don't forget to pop into your local charity shop - you'd be amazed with what you could find!

So let's embrace the sweater weather,

PS Don't forget you can now vote for me for the Blog Awards Ireland under two categories; "Best Youth Blog" over HERE, and "Best Fashion Blog" right HERE


Thursday, 10 September 2015

'70's Vibes

Hola Chicas! Today's OOTD (outfit of the day), is really embracing those 70's vibes, with this Topshop duo. I really enjoyed styling this outfit, so keep scrolling for all the deets & I've popped a few links below so you guys can recreate this look;

Croptop, Topshop // Jeans, Topshop // Shoes, Asos (real oldies) // Fedora, Primark/Penneys

I actually only bought this uber cute Topshop croptop just last week, during a trip to the city with the fam, and I absolutely love it! It's really nautical and cutesy, and the little draw strings at the front make it really unique, which is always a good thing. Plus how fab are these jeans? I must admit I never thought I'd be into wearing flares, so I definitely surprised myself with these, but I just loved them from the moment I tried them on!

Watch, Michael Kors // Bracelets, Links of London & Live Lokai

I am 100% the biggest fan of Live Lokai bracelets, they're just so meaningful, and they actually do have mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead, and water from Mount Everest in the white one - this highest and lowest points in the world, so it's just a little reminder throughout the day to stay humble and hopeful

Stay Fabulous,

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