Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pinned Up

Hola Chicas! So I finally got around to splurging on some new wardrobe additions, so there should be a few more outfit posts on the way in the coming weeks, but for now I thought I'd share these new Zara purchases with you guys, I'll drop links to all these pieces below, but for now take a flick through my snaps and drop a comment to let me know what you think!

OOTD - Zara (feat Moms white socks)

Some real vintage/old school vibes are going on with this outfit, and I must say I love it! The pinafore is just too cute (so hopefully that might distract you guys from the sad state of my legs, I really need a bit more sunshine in my life). While this pinafore is too cute, it's also a bit too short, so on an average day I'd probably pop some cotton undershorts on, just so I'm not unintentionally mooning the whole world ever time I bend over. I'm really loving this transition into some more autumnal pieces - it's nearly sweater weather! 

These shoes are new Zara purchases too - and they're really on trend this Autumn, but what I love about these is that while the colour is perfect, these shoes will bring me straight through Winter too, so that's always a good thing!

Until next time,

PS Did you guys spot some of my crazy bruises? I'm literally bruising like a banana lately!




  1. I love the colors in this outfit, especially the hint of burgundy in your shoes!

  2. cute those shoes and the white socks are perfect with them


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